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June 07, 2008


Make and Takes

I love this challenge. We are in need of some fresh air and I smell a nature collage coming! Fun idea, thanks.


Andy Goldsworthy is a fave of mine, this will be fun :o)


We're excited to give this a try - great idea!

Mariah@Playful Learning

What a great project to start out the summer with! I love the premise of your site...such a fun way to bring children and families together!


Crazy that I should find your challenge right now. Just 2 days ago, my 3 year old daughter started placing purple flowers in a circle on our sidewalk. Flower after flower until she filled in a whole area, edge to edge with flowers with no direction from us. It was beautiful. My husband and I are both huge Andy Goldsworthy fans and immediately thought of his work. We took pictures. Soon after she was done, the wind picked up and off flew her work of art. . . fleeting for certain.
Though they don't capture how beautiful it was, I'll still send some pictures in for this challenge!


I blogged our submission today! This was fun!!

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